Corporate English Training

Nowadays, companies are developing their business activities locally and internationally in order to gain advantages over their competitors and maximize their market share. One of their effective strategies is to improve the quality of their human resources. As almost every business transaction in today’s world is undeniably conducted in English, its workforce’s skills of this universal language play a vital role in company operations. Bettering their staff members’ command of English is, therefore, paramount for the vast majority of Thai companies getting themselves ready to join the AEC. With this at the forefront of our minds, we ,I-Genius English Institute, which is under the control of the Ministry of Education, are pleased to propose an In-house Intensive English Training project that can effectively upgrade the trainees’ communicative skills used in both work and real-life situations.


ฟรี Grammar Course online (Video Online: 3 Months)
  • To enhance the staff members’ English skills
  • To encourage the staff members to apply what they learn appropriately and with relevance
  • To develop a good working relationship within an organization
  • Expected performance

  • The trainees are able to communicate in English better
  • The trainees are able to apply their knowledge correctly and confidently.
  • The trainees can get along well with each other, creating a good working relationship within an organization.
  • Target groups

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Operational staff
  • Venues

    The classrooms at I-Genius English Institute or At Your Company

    English for Achievement

    This program focuses on more professional practices for the staff members who normally use English at work. The trainees are trained in how to effectively communicate in a variety of business settings such as meetings, presentations, negotiations, etc. They can also improve their business writing in this program. This intermediate-level course is aimed at enhancing the students’ good command of English. They are intensively trained in professionally communicating with business counterparts in a variety of settings, such as meetings, presentations, in-depth discussions and negotiations. Using business English properly can by all means assist the staff members in reaching their goals easily. Target group: Supervisors, Marketing groups, Merchandise groups, department heads who normally use English on a daily basis The course included English for Advancer (40 hours)

    English for Advancer

    This program is specially designed for the staff members whose English is considered to be of high standard. The trainees are intensively trained to practice their advanced skills through a variety of very challenging activities, such as business discussions, effective negotiations or writing a wide range of business reports in a professional manner. This advanced course is for highly capable staff members who are already able to communicate in English proficiently. The students are trained in the necessary skill sets to be able to become active contributors to the advancement of the company within the region. Beginning with the fundamentals of business communication in terms of meetings, negotiation and discussion, the trainees will progress into more intricate and complex ideas, such as conflict resolution, performance appraisals and report writing. Without doubt, completion of this course would enable the already gifted learner to move up another level. Target group: Vice President, Executive, General Manager The course included English for Advancer (40 hours)

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